Tuesday, January 19, 2010


it's been a long time. realized this post was in draft mode. anyway.. going back to christmas... dad's birthday is christmas, and this was the first christmas he had gone back to spend with his family. this is the first time i met my dad's side of the family. needless to say it was a pretty incredible experience. there are more pictures.. i'll and them later.


unfortunately i don't have many pictures from manila. this was just the view out of our hotel window. manila is dirty to say the least. and most of your time is spent inside shopping malls (the biggest i've ever seen) and in taxis. it's a city. high rises, traffic. i was surprised.


backstory. my mom's dad is from tarlac. it's about an 3 hours drive from manila. in the country. my dad bought a house and my grandfather helped construct it. keep in mind, grandpa is 80 and is driving us around in the craziest traffic ever. his family was one of the major families in tarlac. we drove out to the house for a day and saw his property and the rice fields... i could live here.

philippine holiday

i've got way to many pictures from my trip to the philippines for one blog post, so i will break it down to where i visited and what i did... going to the philippines was probably the most amazing thing i've done. i cannot even begin to describe the things i saw and the feelings i felt. i will be back.

fancy christmas

this one's short. but when i was home, i had a stop over in seattle for 3 days. we decided to throw a second annual fancy christmas. needless to say, jetlag + me not sleeping and consuming too many things = a pretty fantastic night. minus me almost losing my keys and getting my car towed.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


it's tough to say, but siena is where my heart is in italy. i should premise this statement with the fact that i lived in siena three years ago, and this was the first time i had been back. for some reason i couldn't visit alone. so many memories in such a small town. it is still as beautiful as i remember. it even smells the same ...