Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the clubhouse

i'd always walk by this bar on my way to caffe anna. it always looked so hilarious/too cool for me. but during one of our aperitivos with the italians, we discovered that bloody marys were served. the fact that bloody marys are one of my favorite things. we had to go check it out. so...
verdict = pretty fucking good. spicy, homemade mix... plus our bartender who we thought was italian, spoke perfect english. turns out he lived in san francisco for a couple of years.
not only did this place have a damn good bloody mary, they served up some american classics. i really should have taken a picture of the menu. the descriptions can't even compare. molly ordered the crab cake and it was divine.
being that i was hungover, the pizza with gorgonzola and salami was fine with me. not going to lie, they did pizza pretty well, and when there is a pizza shop on every corner, that's saying something.

we had wanted to order the burger/sliders but they were out of everything. i think it's probably because we didn't even get there till nearly 2 pm. luckily for tori, there was "ketucky fried chicken." it was decent. we agreed it was a little under seasoned but still delicious. shit ain't never going to compare to ezells... i think i'll be back here soon. for a bloody mary that is...

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