Friday, October 16, 2009


i can't believe i've been in italy for 3 weeks. my program started the 5th and it's already the 16 of october. eesh. what have i been doing with my time...

before i got to florence, i had the pleasure of flying over with one of my best friends, philthe4th. this is what he packed before the trip, which made the flight seem like it was only a couple of hours.

we landed in paris and connected to torino, as as my luck goes... they misplaced my bag.
thankfully we were met by this guy.

who was kind enough to let us stay with him for a couple of days. yes those are 5 flights of stairs behind him, that we climbed up and down.

torino is beautiful. it's much more industrial than any other city i'd been to in italy. very italian. and not a whole lot of americans. so you can believe us three stuck out a little bit. the first day we walked around and took in the city. thankfully we did. jet lag is a bitch. i think all i wanted to do was sleep.

besides the first day most of our time was spent in marcus's dad's condo. probably due to the fact that we all took chocolate shrooms and died a little. i can honestly say i haven't laughed that hard in a while. these guys definitely made my transition to italian life a bit easier. it was like home away from home.

although hanging outside of windows pretending you're tinkerbell and peter pan and thinking it's neverland ... probably not the brightest idea. :)


  1. those 2 pics of you and marcus are flippin' adorable!