Friday, October 16, 2009

let the wild rumpus start...

i have been waiting for this movie forever. i cannot wait to see it, i've been listening to the soundtrack non-stop for the last week. every time i watch a trailer, i cry a little.

this book takes me back to my childhood instantly. for some reason, especially since being in italy i've felt an affinity to this book. probably the idea of max going on an adventure and then coming home. to food on the table. after all of his rumpus. reminds me, somewhat of what it is i'm doing.

i started this blog, so that my friends could keep up on my life, and be a part of my growing up and finding myself. it will be funny at times and reflective too, i hope. :)

in case you didn't know, before i left ... i had a really crazy/hard last couple of months in seattle. months that i don't think anyone should have had to encounter. but through it all, i've been able to be truly blessed by my family and friends. some of you may think i'm here because i'm running away. definitely not the case. i've always wanted to come back to italy. and circumstances being what they were... this was my second chance. my opportunity.

a friend of mine, sosa, wrote a note the other night and it really blew my mind away. it hit home. the last two years of my life i spent fighting for someone else, loving for someone else. i don't regret it. but now is my time. to live my life. life is too short. it really is. and i hope that as i grow and learn, you can get a little something out of it too. just like where the wild things... sometime you've got to leave a little to grow a little, but you always know where home is.

so as they say... let the wild rumpus start...

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