Friday, October 16, 2009

let the wild rumpus start...

i have been waiting for this movie forever. i cannot wait to see it, i've been listening to the soundtrack non-stop for the last week. every time i watch a trailer, i cry a little.

this book takes me back to my childhood instantly. for some reason, especially since being in italy i've felt an affinity to this book. probably the idea of max going on an adventure and then coming home. to food on the table. after all of his rumpus. reminds me, somewhat of what it is i'm doing.

i started this blog, so that my friends could keep up on my life, and be a part of my growing up and finding myself. it will be funny at times and reflective too, i hope. :)

in case you didn't know, before i left ... i had a really crazy/hard last couple of months in seattle. months that i don't think anyone should have had to encounter. but through it all, i've been able to be truly blessed by my family and friends. some of you may think i'm here because i'm running away. definitely not the case. i've always wanted to come back to italy. and circumstances being what they were... this was my second chance. my opportunity.

a friend of mine, sosa, wrote a note the other night and it really blew my mind away. it hit home. the last two years of my life i spent fighting for someone else, loving for someone else. i don't regret it. but now is my time. to live my life. life is too short. it really is. and i hope that as i grow and learn, you can get a little something out of it too. just like where the wild things... sometime you've got to leave a little to grow a little, but you always know where home is.

so as they say... let the wild rumpus start...


i can't believe i've been in italy for 3 weeks. my program started the 5th and it's already the 16 of october. eesh. what have i been doing with my time...

before i got to florence, i had the pleasure of flying over with one of my best friends, philthe4th. this is what he packed before the trip, which made the flight seem like it was only a couple of hours.

we landed in paris and connected to torino, as as my luck goes... they misplaced my bag.
thankfully we were met by this guy.

who was kind enough to let us stay with him for a couple of days. yes those are 5 flights of stairs behind him, that we climbed up and down.

torino is beautiful. it's much more industrial than any other city i'd been to in italy. very italian. and not a whole lot of americans. so you can believe us three stuck out a little bit. the first day we walked around and took in the city. thankfully we did. jet lag is a bitch. i think all i wanted to do was sleep.

besides the first day most of our time was spent in marcus's dad's condo. probably due to the fact that we all took chocolate shrooms and died a little. i can honestly say i haven't laughed that hard in a while. these guys definitely made my transition to italian life a bit easier. it was like home away from home.

although hanging outside of windows pretending you're tinkerbell and peter pan and thinking it's neverland ... probably not the brightest idea. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a little piece of home

i've been able to spend a little bit of time walking the streets here. there's so many little alleyways and cobblestone streets i'm doing my best to get it all in while i'm here.

was feeling a bit homesick, and happened to stumble across this gem,
which definitely put a smile on my face...
god this guy's everywhere :)


my first week back in a "school setting" has been rough, to say the least. long hours, short lunches, cramming my brain with information i can only hope to retain. let's just say it's a bit overload. needless to say... us trainees at Via Lingua (my school) truly value our weekends.

this is how the night started

This is where we ended up.

after drinking an 8 euro bottle of vodka and singing kareoke in front of italians
i thought it'd be a good idea to sleep in.

Piazza Santa Maria Novella.
sitting in a park with 3 new friends is probably the best way to end a long weekend.

and free beers because your friends
just so happen to see their roommate

and a great dinner to top it off... perfetto

my apartment

apartments in italy vary in extreme cases. sometimes you live with strangers, sometimes you live with people you know. sometimes they're new, sometimes they're old. thankfully, i am living in one of the newer apartments. there's two other rooms, a bathroom and a nice little kitchen. i'm about a 10 minute walk from school, there's market around the corner and a piazza two blocks away.
i've got school from 8 am till about 530 pm, M-F and about
3 hours of homework, depending on the night. brutal... yes.
but my room has been my safe haven. and the fact that i've got my own private terrace... i can't beat that. :)

here it is...